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The following information will be maintained in strict confidence in conjunction with this Program except that it will be forwarded to the local office of the District Attorney by the registrant and the Diocese for initial review of the allegations. The registrant should include the following language in their written notification to the DA as follows: “By sending this notification to the DA I agree that the DA’s office can inform the Diocese of the allegations reported to the DA.” In addition, the Diocese will have the matter investigated by its own independent investigators. Please note: If the allegation is directed at clergy of another diocese or religious order, your information will be forwarded to that entity for response. Once the individual has registered, the Claimant must report the allegation of abuse in writing to the appropriate District Attorney to participate in this Program (with a copy submitted to the Administrators). A finding of criminal liability by the District Attorney is not required for participating in this Program. All new allegations of abuse received through this Program will also be reported to the appropriate Office of the District Attorney by the Diocese as required by law.

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